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Angel's Vox is the first audio player designed specifically for listening to audiobooks
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25 August 2011

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This is audiobook reader software. It reads from text and with text to speech conversion reads out the text in a particular voice.

Angel`s Vox is an audio player and eBook reader meant for audiobook enthusiasts. The bookmark equivalent in audiobook is needed if a reader has to come back to the book more than once. It will actually be a rare case that a book is finished in one session. Similarly one may like to listen to more than one podcasts at a time, sharing time between them. Good audiobook reader would need to implement such a facility. Sometimes you may want to speed up the readout to let the book be finished quickly. This software is able to give you these required facilities without a hassle.

The reverse or the ability to slow down too is required in some situations such as when learning a foreign language, for example.

The program supports MP3, OGG, MPEG-4 and WAV audio file formats. The simple interface is almost idiot proof. You have the playlist of the books in the program. On the right you get to see the list of chapters. You can thus navigate quite easily between books and individual chapters in a book. Other controls on the interface are for volume, speed etc. The tempo control is a slider control and you get to see the stats about bit rate etc. on top of the slider for the selected book or podcast. You have set of controls for the library or the list available books/podcasts. Angel`s Vox can also be integrated into the Windows Explorer shell for quick access to its major functions. Try this only when you are confident of all the commands and settings.

Publisher's description

Angel's Vox is the first audio player and ebook reader on the market designed specifically for audiobook enthusiasts. How often have you had to find the last track and position played after an interruption in listening? Would you like to listen to several books or podcasts at the same time, and to not lose your place in each one? Would you like to be able to speed-up a book's playback to save you time, or to slow it down when you cannot recognize the speech (e.g., when you are learning a foreign language)? Angel's Vox is an innovative and handy solution!
With the help of Angel's Vox, you can maintain a library of your audio books. You can configure a different volume level and playback speed for each one, and their settings will be restored when you replay them. Their track position will also be restored to the exact point where you've stopped listening to them.
Angel's Vox is integrated with Audiobook Downloader Pro, and, like other media player programs, it can also be embedded into the Windows Explorer shell for quick access to its major functions. Try Angel's Vox for 30 days, and if you find it useful, then please register it.
Angel's Vox
Angel's Vox
Version 1.6
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